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For those keen to extend their horizons geographically, JCI offers opportunities to travel to events both at home and abroad. Informally, all JCI local associations or 'chapters' will welcome visiting members to their events, so if you travel on business or for pleasure, you can take advantage of this. JCI is active in more than 6,000 chapters located in over 100 nations and territories around the world. We also occasionally assist other international chambers in their projects, such as earthquake appeals, since some local chambers are in communities that sometimes require very real and practical support.


Each year we have a number of conferences that our members attend: JCI Scotland National Conference in April; European Conference in June; JCI UK National Conference in September; JCI Ireland Conference in October; and World Congress in November. We may also attend other JCI chambers National Conferences if we wish. The conference format remains familiar: business speakers; training events social events; informal breakfast and lunch with formal dining in the evening (often extending into the wee small hours). The scale changes dramatically between the National Conferences, European Conference and World Congress as delegate numbers run from around 100 - 3000. Attendees are usually keen to share their tales for weeks afterwards.


JCI Aberdeen enjoys 'twinning' relationships with several chapters, including:

Barnsley​, England; Lier, Belgium; and Taipei, Taiwan.​​