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​Join this this group of active young professionals today! ​

JCI Aberdeen gives young professionals in the Granite city the opportunities to develop skills, become active leaders and improve themselves and their careers.

Getting involved couldn’t be easier.
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Come along to an event
Come and see if JCI Aberdeen is for you, by attending an event or two. You’ll get to meet the members and find out more about our fantastic organisation.

Joining details and fees
You’ve decided you want to join!  We are happy to have you!  Your next step is to fill out this membership form and pay for your probationary membership.  This is how we know you would like to officially join our network of active young 

At JCI Aberdeen, we think it is important that you get a test period, so that you can decide if our organisation is right for you.  This is why we offer a 6 month ‘probationary period’ so that you can come along to more events, meet the members, and decide if you would like to make the full year commitment.  

Enjoy your 6 month membership
The first 6 months is only £35 and gets you access to all the local, national and international events.  It’s best to really get stuck in the first few months to take full advantage of the opportunities presented.  

Apply for full membership
Then, once you have decided you would like to continue, you put in an application to the board to become a full member. This may sound scary, but it really isn’t.  As long as you have been active over the 6 month period, the board will be happy to welcome you as a full member.  Fees from that point are £70 per year and open up new and exciting opportunities.​​​​

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Junior Chamber International Aberdeen
P.O. Box 10355
AB12 4WP​​